This season, Indya Vogue’s owner and creative designer Nishi Koonjul, is inspired by the tropical beaches, birds and exotic flowers of her tiny island, Mauritius. Her prints include flowers like birds of paradise, proteas, hibiscus, water lilies, agapanthus and frangipani as well as colorful Mauritian finches and tropical fish, all of which are eye-catching. These fauna and flora designs were then mixed with a soft, glamorous vibe through the use of graphic and easy tailoring using original and unique silk, chiffon, crêpe and cotton.

The palette’s soft undertones of blue, turquoise and leafy green are set against marine aqua tones. Bursts of zesty orange, bright yellow and flamboyant red encompass the hazy Mauritian sunset. She, yet again, brings exoticism, glamor and richness to this new collection of Tropical Blue Safari. This collection mixes elegance and chic blend with the naturally relaxed way of life in the Mauritius, no wonder known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Far from being a passing trend, these colorful and bold outfits will be timeless.

In this new collection, she has also brought the effect of 3D in her designs. Here and there, we see hand embroidered butterflies and dragon flies which seem to have landed so naturally. Embellishment include shells, intricate French knots combined with hand embroidery, hand beading, sequins, strass, Swarovski crystals and pearls.

The Tropical Blue Safari Collection has a piece for any fashionista, whether it be for a cocktail party, for a glamorous function, to look trendy on the beach or even to go casual with jeans and shorts. Our client will always have a unique trendy look irrespective of age.