Indya Vogue mixes travel and fashion in bold and brightly coloured pieces.

Founded in 2000 by Nishi Koonjul, Indya Vogue is located on a tiny, mesmerizing island in the Indian Ocean.

Mauritius’ stunning scenery provides abundant inspiration for each of Indya Vogue’s collections. Nishi brings exoticism, glamour and richness to her clothes and sandals through hand embroidery, hand beading, sequins, strass and Swarovski crystals.

Her eye-catching prints designed by herself through inspiration by the turquoise sea and filao trees of her exotic island have brought the brand considerable success. She has also designed some lovely hand-made clay bangles adorned with Swarovski crystals.

Indya Vogue identifies itself with the universal woman – fashion forward, earth conscious and uniquely beautiful.


The Spirit

Indya Vogue designs mix elegance and chic blend with the naturally relaxed way of life in the island of Mauritius, known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Far from being a passing trend, these colourful and bold outfits are timeless.

All the garments are designed for maximum comfort, using the finest materials and settling for nothing less than the best finishing.

Indya Vogue has a piece for any fashionista, whether it be for a cocktail party, for a glamorous function, to look trendy on the beach or even to go casual with jeans. These can all be finished with a touch of class with the Indya Vogue sandals and bangles. Our client will always have a unique trendy look irrespective of age.

The Prints

Indya Vogue strives for originality and uniqueness. The prints play a major part in our success. The original and unique silk, chiffon, crêpe and cotton designs inspired from architecture, cinema or our exotic beaches, tropical trees and flowers all narrow down to prints that are always in vogue.

The prints are redesigned for each collection to create the most unexpected and stunning compositions. We can also make exclusive prints for corporate clients.

The colour scale ranging from bright to soft is always harmonious and refined throughout the rich and diverse styles of the different collections.


The Materials

All the materials used by Indya Vogue are chosen for their finesse and softness, for the most natural and voluptuous sensation whilst being environmentally friendly. These encompass chiffon, silk, cotton silk, English embroidery, jersey, lace and crochet embellished tulle and cotton veil.

The finishing, be it lace, hand embroidery, hand beading, sequins, strass and Swarovski crystals to silk and velvet ribbons is also of the highest quality. The delicate and sophisticated finishing touches give each piece its unique and precious identity.

Our secret to maintaining the finest quality fashionable clothes lies in the desire to keep the highest standards whilst establishing long term business relationships with the most talented craftsmen.

Our Philosophy and Corporate Social Responsibility

Indya vogue believes in a cheerful mind in a healthy body and ensures a sound work–life balance for its staff. Indya Vogue’s clients are always welcome with a big smile by the staff who makes them feel at ease and always advising you on which piece to buy and how to accessorize it with the sandals and jewellery.

Indya Vogue also participates quite a lot in fund raising activities for charity as well as sponsoring different types of social events.

Not only does Indya Vogue dwell on fashion, glamour and trend, but we also have a ‘green’ mind. We make sure that all our collections meet this criterion. All the pieces are designed with carefully chosen raw materials which undergo eco-friendly processes, and are meticulously handmade to last by artisans who are properly remunerated for their craft.